Getting started

Welcome to the Panviva Developer Portal. Take a look around and explore APIs and how you can connect your business apps. 
Follow the steps listed below to get started with your first integration.  

#1. Explore the Possibilities

Explore how you can super-charge your knowledge.
You're only as limited as your imagination!

With Panviva, your knowledge isn't just limited to internal users. Our APIs can help you connect your knowledge to your bots, website, mobile apps, IVR, self-service portals or CRMs and more. This not only means you can support your customers directly through your external digital channels, freeing up your Frontline teams to deal with more complex issues. You can also create seamless self-service options for your internal teams to help increase their productivity! 

Think of all your FAQs, web chats, CRM and CMS systems updated every time you change your internal processes and knowledge! Imagine a world where we removed this effort! 

Have a look at the videos below and think about how you might want to take your knowledge further.

Panviva Overview
Knowledge to Web
Knowledge to Bot
Knowledge to CRM

#2. Understand our Capabilities

At Panviva, we have created a knowledge Ecosystem to help connect all of the knowledge touchpoints of an organization.   Our ecosystem is made up of a number of components to help create, enrich and deliver governed knowledge both internally and externally.   
The Panviva API Suite allows services and applications to interact with our Panviva Ecosystem.
Our APIs can be broadly categorized as follows:

Content APIs

Share the content you have already created across other channels.

For retrieving Panviva content from a Core Panviva environment, the following APIs can be utilized.

Document APIs (GET Document, GET Document Containers, GET Document Container Relationships)
Search APIs (GET Search)
Image APIs (GET Image)
File APIs (GET File)

Artefact APIs

Share dynamic knowledge nuggets to any channel or device with our Digital Orchestrator.

For advanced Natural Language Search and for obtaining nuggets of knowledge that are more suitable to be utilized by Chatbots, IVR or Voice Assistants; we recommend using the Digital Orchestrator APIs,

Artefact Search (GET Search Artefact)
Artefact Retrieval (GET Artefact)
List Artefact Categories (GET Artefact Categories)
Create Artefact (POST Artefact)
Create Artefact Category (POST Artefact Category)

Live APIs

Add context from your IVR or CRM to push the exact knowledge needed.

To push knowledge to users using the Panviva Core interface based on context from external applications (eg. IVR or CRMs like Salesforce, Workday and Pega) we recommend our Live APIs.

Push Context Sensitive Help (POST Live CSH)
Push Search (POST Live Search)
Push Document (POST Live Document)

#3. Review your Options

What's your best path forward?

No or Low Code Options

Low-code/no-code development platforms allow for visual software development environments enabling enterprise developers and citizen developers to drag and drop application components, connect them together and create mobile apps, web apps or simple workflows.

To prototype quickly, use our: 

Published Code Samples

Explore our code samples and quick starts published on our public Github. We have published a range of code samples across:

Toolkits and SDKs

To get you up and running quickly you could also use our Toolkits/SDKs published across different marketplaces, namely:

...alternatively make REST API calls using the toolset/technology of your choosing.


#4. Prototype and Review

Explore and realize value by building something tangible quickly.

Now that you've seen what's possible, there's nothing better than building something quickly to realise value. 

By now you would have seen the videos, looked at our sample code & reviewed possible options. Now, focus on a problem you'd like to solve, ideate on a solution & build a quick prototype.

To enable quick prototyping, we have a couple of options for you. For no or low code integrations use our Zapier and Microsoft Power Platform Connectors. Alternatively explore our published sample code on Github for .Net, NodeJs and Python. All these options have been detailed above.

To get the ball rolling you will need 3 things, namely:

  1. Access to a Panviva instance (also known as a tenant). 

  2. Sign up for an account to the developer portal (click here)

  3. An active Panviva API subscription (also known as an API plan) and valid Panviva API credentials

If you are not a customer or need help visit

Note: If you are an existing customer, talk to your Customer Success Manager to set you up with a Developer API plan.

#5. A Minimum Lovable Product

Based on user feedback, build & release a Minimum Lovable Product.
Take the uncertainty out of your next digital project, by testing and learning fast! 

To help you understand how to best champion the digital use-case in your business, have a look at what some of our customers have been working on.

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